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About Euro 2008

The 13th UEFA European Football Championship was co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland. These two countries were quite different. For Austria co-hosting meant making its debut in the competition while the Swiss national football team have played in the UEFA European Championships twice prior hosting the event in 2008.

Co-hosting the championship means that only one of the host nations will get to organize the final. In 2008 UEFA European Championship consisted of 16 teams divided into 4 groups. Therefore, each of the hosts organized two group stages in total of 8 venues. More about the Euro 2008 stadiums, you can read in Arenas 2008. Eventually, semi-finals were held one each in Basel and Vienna while the final took place on 29th June in Vienna. Two countries also meant there will be two mascots. After the vote the clear favorites Trix and Flix with over 37% of votes were announced as the winners. One of the soundtracks of the championship was Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

All 2008 Matches

7 June

Group A: Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic, Basel.

8 June

Group B: Austria 0-1 Croatia, Vienna.

9 June

Group C: Romania 0-0 France, Zurich.



Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna

2008 UEFA European Championship


Stade de Geneve, Geneva

2008 UEFA European Championship


Donbass Arena, Donetsk

2012 UEFA European Championship